About SHL

SHL Surgeons House Limited is a dream project of a group of surgeons across the globe by the surgeons themselves. This involves surgeons across the country and globe, trained in various disciplines of surgical sciences from the premier institutes across the globe.

The vision is to create asset free organization providing health care services in various disciplines of surgical sciences in coordination with the best organizations across our nation and globe.



We emphasize on providing the best surgical care with the motto of “Healing with love, passion and care” for the patients and society. Our approach will be scientific and evidence based, bulit on the latest clinical evidences to serve the patients. We intend to work with best healthcare organizations keeping the interests aligned in place.

The intent of coming up together was to develop best surgical practises together with exchanges of ideas and skills creating the best culture among the surgeons. This in turn we believe will be the long term landmark to the SHL and organizations.

We intend to provide our best practices in various disciplines of surgery. These include the department of general surgery and allied surgical specialties. These allied surgical specialties include speciality based approach in various disciplines of surgeries (Minimal access surgery, Gastrointestinal, surgery, Cardio- thoracic surgery, Head and neck surgery, Urogenital surgery, Vascular surgery, Cancer (Oncology) surgery, Multi- Organ Transplant surgery ,Neuro and spine surgery, Paediatric surgery, Cosmetic and Plastic, with Gender reassignment surgery and Reconstructive surgery, Fertility enhancing surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecological surgeries, Metabolic and Obesity surgery, Oral reconstructive surgeries). All these specialties have gone through extensive advancements that are further sub- classified to Organ based approach and belong to specialist surgeons based on their areas of interests. The spectrum of surgical arena is very wide and difficult to be discussed in detail in this specific area.

Over the last two decades, the world has witnessed extensive advancements in the surgical arena right from conventional surgical approach to minimal access approach in all disciplines of surgery. The field of minimal access surgery also called endoscopic surgery were further classified according to organ specific surgeries( eg. laparoscopic surgery, Video assisted thoracoscopic surgery, endoscopic nasal and spine surgeries etc..) with further technical advancements coming in this field with robotic surgeries.

The incidence of cancers rising to alarming situations across the globe, due to multiple environmental and genetic factors. The field of cancer surgeries have also witnessed extensive advancements with introduction of better surgical techniques, minimal access surgical techniques, medications and advanced radiotherapy and nuclear medicine sciences.

The field of transplant surgery has developed considerably in many parts of the country but still confined to fewer centres with expertise. There are still many countries burdened with large numbers of patients requiring transplants due to various technical and financial constraints. With this given scenario, we intend to develop transplant and cancer surgery programs in the best interests of the patients.

As surgeons , we would like to seek coordination with our colleagues from various disciplines of medical sciences to walk this road together. Further, we would like to seek support from medical practitioners practising across regional levels and medical tourism companies across globe. This will require immense support and coordination with management of healthcare organizations, networking teams and paramedical staff of organizations. We intend to further partner up with digital solutions and technical support providing companies/organisations to enhance central based collection of information and smoothen us operationally in favour of patients, society and analysing our own decisions and scientists research.

We emphasize the importance of cultural, rational and emotional intelligence combined with best of the surgical skill available with surgeons raise SHL. We commit towards giving our best.


Welcome to The Surgeon’s House

We map our service territory to the extend of surgical diseases. This platform is a gateway to cure both minor and major diseases which could be treated through surgical methods. Right from accurate diagnosis to performing the surgery and assuring utmost care of the patients is what we have to offer. The surgeons house is not an another business, it’s a way of treating & healing the patients with what they deserve.

Through the surgeons house, we assure to minimise the gap between qualified surgeons and patients. Surgeons, holding the successful professional working record of 15+ years in a diversified areas, conduct the Surgical process. We never negotiate quantity over quality and hence do our best to stick with the quality service only. This platform is entirely built with the community of surgeons whose intend is to give their best in surgical practices.

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At The Surgeon’s House

We care about you!

Accurate Diagnosis

The symptoms of a disease can be confusing and can perhaps lead to the inexact treatment. Surgeons at the surgeons house have attained the experience to distinguish the signs of one disease from the others and thoroughly perform the right diagnosis to detect the problem.

Smooth surgery

Only when the disease is accurately caught, the surgeon can proceed with the treatment. Every surgeons are well trained and extremely efficient in performing successful surgeries. We share the common value within our hearts and agree upon rendering the quality service.

Utmost care

The surgery of a disease is apparently not the last step that is performed at the surgeons house, we also dedicate ourselves to ascertain that the post surgical care of the patient is taken into account properly. As our motive is to treat the diseases from the roots and lubricate the patient’s healing process.




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