Breast Augmentation ( Enlargement) surgery

Breast augmentation also popularly called Breast enlargement surgery or mammoplasty — is surgical procedure to expand the  breast size. It includes putting breast implants under breast tissue or chest muscles. For woman, breast enlargement is an approach to feel more pschyologically confident about their physical appearance. 

Indications of Breast Augmentation surgery

  1. To enhance the physical appearance in case you  believe your breasts are smaller the size you desire. 
  2. Correct breasts shape after breast medical procedure for different conditions.
  3. Improve your self confidence

Surgical technique and insights

The breast augmentation surgery is essentially performed under General anaesthesia. The procedure is discussed beforehand with the patient about the surgery in details. The skin incision is marked after anaesthesia. 

Incisions are made in subtle zones to limit obvious scarring. You and your plastic surgeon will talk about which entry point alternatives are proper for your ideal result. Entry point alternatives include: along the areolar edge (peri -areolar cut), the overlap under the breast ( inframammary overlay) and in the armpit (axillary cut). A belly button approach is related with a higher enlargement rate.

Placement of the breast implant: After the incision is made, a breast tissue is embedded into a pocket either: 

Sub muscular and sub glandular breast area 

A. Under the pectoral muscle (a sub muscular situation) 

B. Legitimately behind the breast tissue, over the pectoral muscle (a sub mammary/sub glandular arrangement) 

The strategy for embedding and placing breast implants relies upon the kind of implant placed and breast enlargement desired according to your physique and result desired. 


The results of breast enlargements are visible immediately.

Risks with Breast augmentation surgery 

  1. -Anesthesia risks.
  2. -Bleeding or hematoma 
  3. -Poor Scaring 
  4. -Implant leakage or rupture.
  5. -Persistent pain due to faulty implants or nerve damage or infection
  6. -Changes in breast sensation or nipple

Important considerations in Breast augmentation surgery 

1) Breast implants are not ensured to endure forever and additional  surgical procedure might be required to supplant one or the two implants.

2) Pregnancy, weight reduction and menopause may impact the presence of expanded breasts through the span of your lifetime. 

Recovery after Breast augmentation surgery 

You can hope to have some level of pain after breast enlargement medical procedure. By and large, the normal number of days that you may sensibly hope to be in pain is a few days after breast enlargement. Analgesics are considered to be effective in relieve discomfort associated with pain. 

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