Breast Lumps – Is it nightmare for woman?

Breast Lumps – Is it nightmare for woman?

Breast lumps among any age group  young females to woman are considered on of the most surgical alignment in the patients. These lumps have varying incidence  according to race, age and ethnicity amongst the  woman all around world, as breast cancer still remains the number one cause of the cancers among the woman. 

Usually breast lumps are detected by the woman themselves on self examination or noticed by there partners. The detection of lump itself is very psychologically disturbing for woman as the very first things which strike in there mind is cancer. It’s not always true but surgeons and clinicians do take breasts  lumps with caution and practice on the notion that “ All Breast lumps especially in middle age woman should be taken as breast cancers until unless proven otherwise”. 

Woman’s should take Breast lump as word of caution and should consult with there clinician/ surgeon for further evaluation and treatment. Usually clinical history and examination gives a very good idea about the nature of the breast lump. 

Though, doctors always prefers to go for further using biopsy of the lump , ultrasonography of the breast and mammography of the breast. Depending upon the  reports further treatment is based on medical or surgical management. 

The importance lies in periodic “self examination” of the breasts. The methods and protocols have been mentioned at various health related websites. This can enhance early detection of lumps as well as the treatment of the lumps. 

Ignorance of the early symptoms and neglecting associated symptoms like heaviness of breasts, nipple discharge and swelling in axilla could be dangerous. We always strongly  advice woman to educate themselves for various symptoms of breast disease for early detection and prevention of breast cancers.

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