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Bony injuries of skull (Skull fractures)

A skull fracture is a break in the cranial bone also known as skull. The skull can break or fracture if it is subject to direct or forceful impact. People with skull fracture need to be treated as soon as possible.  The extent of injury in skull fractures depends on: How deep the fracture is...



 A spinal cord injury is defined as any harm to any piece of the spinal cord or nerves at the end of spinal cord (cauda equina)  which  causes motor or sensory changes in quality of sensation and other body functions beneath the site of injury. The spinal cord injuries could be very dangerous as they...



This condition refers to an issue with a rubbery circle between the spinal bones. This condition happens when the soft centre of the  spinal disc pushes through a crack in the tougher exterior cracking. Causes: A single excessive strain or injury may cause a herniated disc. In old age, disc material degenerates normally as one...


Spinal Stenosis

Background  Spinal Stenosis commonly known as narrowing of the spinal canal mostly occurs in lower back or neck. With the age, there are spine changes leading to degeneration of bones, disc, ligaments and muscles that together makes up the Spinal Column.  This also leads to narrowing of the spaces within your spine which can put...