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Obesity and metabolic surgery

Overview: What is obesity  Obesity is a state of being excessively fat. This term is exclusively associated with a person who has crossed the phase of overweight and has gained even grossly more fat.  The condition of Obesity can be measured through the Body Mass Index (BMI), it shows a value  considering a person’s height...


Obesity surgery and Lifestyle

Background  Obesity is considered to one of the leading non infectious pandemics in the world. The incidence of obesity and obesity related disease have significantly increased in last three decades. Obesity related disease especially hypertension, Diabetes, joint pains, kidney disease, obstructive sleep apnoea and osteoarthritis of knee joints are major burden to the patients and...


Bariatric (Obesity) Surgery

Background  Bariatric ( obesity) surgery involves surgery of the patients suffering from obesity and metabolic disorders. This surgery has evolved with advancements in laparoscopic Surgery sure to its inherited benefits in recovery of the patients especially obese where the risk and morbidity with wound infections is also high with conventional open surgery. The laparoscopic surgery...