Fibroadenoma Surgery

Fibroadenoma of breast 


Fibroadenoma of the breast is one of the most common lumps of the breast see in younger and middle age group females. This breast is related to hormonal changes in females they undergo during the reproductive age. Fibroadenoma are characteristized by soft firm rubbery lump which movers freely under the skin. They usually are detected by the patients themselves during self breast examination.

Symptoms and features  of Breast fibroadenoma

  1. Painless lump in the breast 
  2. Occasionally painful in case of internal bleeding
  3. Can be  multiple in nature 
  4. Can reoccur after removal 

Diagnosis and investigations 

The breast lump once noticed by females should never be ignored to rule out any cancer of the breast. We also advice the patients to go to your clinician for consultation and further investigations  required. Usually fibroadenoma is a clinical diagnosis, but for confirmation and ruling out the disease of breast, they might advice you to undergo Aspiration cytology of the lump for confirmed diagnosis. 

Ultrasonography of the breast and Mammography of the breast in middle age females are the additional tests they may be required to undergo. 


Surgery remains the gold standard treatment for the fibroadenoma. Excision ( removal of the lump)  is done usually on the out patient basis in cases of small lumps under local anaesthesia, however bigger and deep seated lumps might require general anesthesia or sedation to adequately complete the procedure. 

You might experience mild pain and discomfort after surgery which is well controlled with medications. Patients can resume there normal routine after surgery as there no specific restrictions relation relation to your diet and mobilisation after surgery

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