How to Speed Up Recovery from a Caesarean Delivery

How to Speed Up Recovery from a Caesarean Delivery

Whether you had a scheduled or an unplanned caesarean section the recovery may last a bit longer. There are a couple of things that can ease your recovery and bring you back in your normal routine in no time. C- section is a major surgery just like any other surgery and requires time to heal. You need to be aware as what you need to do in order to speed up the healing.

Here are things you can do to prevent the complication, reduce the pain and feel like yourself again in no time.

Care for the Incisions

You will most likely have stitches that dissolve on their own but if you have staples, your doctor will have to remove them after a particular time period. There can be chance of the incision getting infected so in order to avoid that you should keep the area dry, also avoid pools and hot tubs for the same reason.

Ask your doctor the precautions and post operative recovery exercises would improve healing and help abdominal muscles to work more efficiently. This might also help to reduce the pain.

Take the Painkillers and Probiotics.

It’s normal to experience pain up to 2 weeks though you will feel better each day. It is important to take the pain medicines prescribed by your doctor or it sometimes gets difficult to get back on track. Also, the antibiotics given during the surgery can wipe out the good bacteria in your body. Take some Probiotics in order to improve your gut health which would help you to build immunity, avoid diarrhoea and build overall health.

Combat Constipation

It is very common to experience constipation during and after pregnancy. Pregnancy hormones combined with painkiller can lead to this. You must add fibre rich food in your diet and drink plenty of water. You must avoid straining while passing the stools as this can put pressure on incision and cause pain. Talk to your doctor for some medication and stool softeners.

Avoid Strenuous Exercise

There are layers of tissue that are cut during the C-section. Your body needs time to recover from this deep cut. For 1st two weeks after you give birth don’t lift heavy weights. You gradual active physical activity can gradually decrease  pain. Exercises like crunches are not advised as it as it strains the abdominal muscles and which can lead to hernia.

Eat Right & Healthy

Nutrition is very important for healing so you must take a well-balanced and healthy diet. Eat food that is rich in Vitamin C like berries and lemon this supports in production of collagen which helps to build the tissues. Avoid Oily food and take enough fluids and water.

Breastfeed with Support

When you breastfeed your baby, it is important that you sit up in a straight-backed position. Avoid leaning forward or you are telling your body to remember the new position and keep you in. See to it that your baby is not pressing your incision. Use a breastfeeding pillow in order to find a comfortable position and have an erect posture all the time. Breast feeding support programs are available at various hospitals and your gynaecologist may help you to ensure correct breast feeding techniques.

Get Emotional Support and Ask for Help

Your mental well being is as important as your physical health. Women are most likely to suffer from postpartum depression after having C-section. Talk to your friend about your feelings or seek online help. Ask your partner or family member to help you with routine household activities so you can care for your baby and yourself. After all, a healthy Mom builds a heathy baby.

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