Kidney transplant surgery- Things to know before surgery


Kidney transplant surgery is one of the common transplant surgery performed among all the transplant surgeries. All kinds of transplant surgery is performed under pre set protocol of diagnosis, investigations , transplants registration, surgery and post operative protocols. It is absolutely important to know the whether the transplant surgery will rightly benefit the patients before they undergo any major transplant surgery. Your clinician and transplant surgeons will be the best decision makers in case your are planning to undergo transplant surgery. 

Indications of kidney transplant surgery 

Any of the kidney related disease which lead to end stage renal disease will require transplant surgery to benefit the patients

  1. Renovascular Disease of the kidneys 
  2. Hypertensive nephropathy 
  3. Diabetic nephropathy 
  4. Autoimmune disease of the kidneys and polycystic kidney disease. 
  5. Glomerulonephropathy of the kidneys 
  6. Patients of frequent dialysis with chronic high creatinine levels and non responsive to medications
  7. Glomerular filtration rate < 15- 20ml /min  

Contraindications to kidney transplant surgery

  1. Severe associated pulmonary problems 
  2. Severe associated cardiac problems 
  3. Active viral infections such HIV 
  4. Any other systemic problems which are are contraindications to anaesthesia
  5. Severe obesity 

Investigations before renal transparent surgery 

  1. All routine blood investigation including complete blood analysis,  kidney and liver function tests, thyroid and lipid profile 
  2. Echo cardiography  to assess the status of heart before surgery 
  3. Ultrasonography of the abdomain with Doppler of  the renal vessels to assess the cases the renal vascular hypertension 
  4. Contrast enhanced computerised tomography of the abdomain to outline the anatomy of the renal vessels and planning for the surgery! 

Once you are planned for surgery the surgeon will explain all the details , it’s risk involved , informed consent and recovery protocols after  the surgery they are  planning to perform. Usually the length of the procedure will depend upon the extent of the surgery. The patient and family has to notify the hospitals authorities and add their names in transplant surgery list. In case of living donors, the essential crosshatching protocols and fitness of  donors is assessed. 

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