Obesity surgery and Lifestyle


Obesity is considered to one of the leading non infectious pandemics in the world. The incidence of obesity and obesity related disease have significantly increased in last three decades. Obesity related disease especially hypertension, Diabetes, joint pains, kidney disease, obstructive sleep apnoea and osteoarthritis of knee joints are major burden to the patients and there  healthcare expenditures. 

Why obesity surgery (Bariatric Surgery) ? 

Evolution of minimal access surgery has certainly revolutionised the role of obesity and metabolic surgery around the world. It is first “ Big Leap “ in patients journey towards healthy lifestyle in patients who are prescribed surgery for weight reduction and its co- morbidities. It not only helps you in weight reduction but also in resolution of major disease like diabetes, hypertension etc as mentioned above.

Lifestyle after obesity surgery 

Once you have underwent obesity surgery it’s really important you follow your surgeons advice with almost care to achieve maximum results. This will enhance your journey towards weight loss and help you to achieve your goals to relive your life to maximum. You can follow simple steps to maintain healthy lifestyle after surgery

  1. Follow up after surgery : It is really essential that you keep your timely follow up with your  surgeon to keep check on your results and medications. The period immediately after could be tough and depressing as the patients need to adopt the various changes related to diet and symptoms of fullness and nausea can be present.  Maintain a strict follow up and take all necessary measures to reach out your goals.
  1. Diet after surgery : Diet remains the mainstay of the management after obesity and metabolic surgery. Patients need to understand the very fact that there won’t be same as before surgery because of the very small size of the stomach. They are usually advice to escalate there diets over the time from liquid to soft diet. The very important thing to mention here is to take small portion of diet every 1-2 hours to maintain the blood sugar levels and avoid weakness. 
  1. Exercise after surgery : Obese patients are usually very prone to any venous thrombosis. Early ambulation is mandatory for this patients. Gradually, the patients are encouraged to do walk for linger distances and brisk walking. Weight lifting exercise are usually not advised immediately after surgery till 2-3 months. Regular some physical activity will enhance your health after surgery. These exercises are also important to reduce the skin laxity. 
  1. Medications after surgery : Patients are usually prescribed medications related to pain, supplements and there associated conditions like diabetes and hypertension. The good things is the dosage of medications especially usage of insulin for diabetes goes down significantly as the time progress. Protein rich diet and protein and calcium supplements are usually prescribed to prevent hair fall and skin laxity after surgery. 
  1. Yoga and meditation:  Any kind of small stretches ,yoga and medications are very effective to enhance your recovery after surgery as the period after surgery can be depressing occasionally. We always suggest our patients to undergo some of these activities to enhance there mental well-being along with there weight loss journey. 
  1. Smoking and alcohol: Any kind of substance abuse is not advisable initially after surgery as they will  decrease the healing of the wound and compromise with the lung functions after surgery. Consumption of alcohol should be avoided as there is abrupt absorption of alcohol in the body especially after bypass surgeries
  1. Resuming routine activities: As we mentioned , patients are encourage to resume there routine professional life once they start comfortable on routine medications. This will enhance the recovery after surgery and also contribute significantly to overall well being. 

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