Otitis externa is a condition that causes aggravation (redness and growing) of the outer ear canal, which is the cylinder between the external ear and eardrum.


  1. Ear pain, which can be severe
  2. itchiness in the ear canal
  3. Discharge of liquid or pus from the ear
  4. Partial degree of temporary hearing loss


Most instances of Otitis Externa are brought about by a bacterial disease, in spite of the fact that the condition can likewise be brought about by:

  1. Irritation
  2. Fungal contaminations
  3. Allergies

There are various things that can make you bound to create otitis externa, including:

  1. Harming the skin inside your ear
  2. consistently getting water in your ear

Getting water in your ear is especially noteworthy, in light of the fact that this can make you scratch inside your ear, and the dampness likewise gives a perfect domain to bacteria to develop.


Otitis externa is generally normal. It’s assessed that around 1 of every 10 individuals will be influenced by it sooner or later in their lives. The condition is marginally more typical in ladies than men and is regularly analysed in grown-ups matured 45 to 75.

Individuals with certain long haul (interminable) conditions are at more serious danger of building up the condition. These include:



allergic rhinitis


Otitis externa now and then shows signs of improvement without treatment, yet it can take a little while. Your clinician may prescribe you ear drop medicine that typically improves the side effects inside a couple of days.

There are various kinds of ear drops that might be used to treat otitis externa  however they all will in general be used a few times each day for about seven days.

Your Clinician may refer you to an authority for additional treatment and counsel if symptoms are extreme or they neglect to react to treatment.


To help diminish your odds of creating otitis externa, you should abstain from inserting cotton fleece buds and different things into your ears (counting your fingers), as this can harm the touchy skin in your ear channel.

In case you’re a standard swimmer, consider using ear plugs when swimming or wearing a swimming top to cover your ears and shield them from water.

You ought to likewise attempt to abstain from getting water, soap or cleanser into your ears when you have a shower or bath.

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