World Health Day  – Have we done enough!

World Health Day – Have we done enough!

As we celebrate the World Health Day ( 7th April, 2020), Health of individual’s and society for governments is major priority as each and every healthy individual contribute towards building a healthy nation. Health by definition “It is a state of physical, mental and social well being  in which disease and infirmity are absent” ( WHO, 2006). To most of us, the common understanding of the health is physical well being. As we don’t give priorities to mental and social aspects of health which are equally important to take the individual and society ahead. 

When we look at amazing world class infrastructures build by private and government sectors, we always get sense of satisfaction. But have we done enough to address the issues which are lying on our hands! 

The best things which have happened for last decades apart from amazing infrastructures is the number of healthcare professionals with sub and super specialists have increased in turn leading to better patient outcomes. This has also lead to better sharing of knowledge , understanding of sciences and research protocols. Various individuals and organisations have took tremendous  effort to lay down the guidelines for evidence based practice in various disciplines of medical sciences. The healthcare technology has become advanced with latest gadgets, equipments and innovations which has simplified the various aspects of practice, improved diagnostics of the patients and patient self care. 

Amidst of this we certainly are surrounded with workplace issues, treatment concerns and social issues. The major concern for the workplace inspite of  many social media programs and content being circulated are Social indiscrimination among employers and employees, Gender inequality and Gender pay inequality, work place harassment and inequality in various aspects. We really need to look forward by moving from the conventional mindset’s bringing “ Equality to all” .

Another area of concern is the high expenses and cost associated with treatment which involves expenses investment for equipment, machinery and medications which are extensive lack of  uniformity  in almost every nation and individual organisations. We still need to bring upon the uniformity of the various programs like  transplant and cancer surgery at global level for addressing better outcomes for the patients.

The area of major concern is Doctor – patient relationship as we move towards more digitalised world. With improper usage of social media , media  and organisations there is drastic changes in which society looks at healthcare professionals. There is lack of empathy, support, poor tolerance and understanding between doctors and the patients. This is sort of emergent situation where we need to guide our patients, citizens and healthcare in right direction to minimise assaults on doctors as well as reputation of healthcare professionals. 

The mental  well-being of healthcare professionals and society is major area which need to be addressed for complete upliftment of the profession. Over usage of social media and internet in inappropriate direction needs an extensive approach to deal as it still remains like iceberg in the ocean. 

We wish better health and better tomorrow in educating, understanding and motivating ourselves  with unified and professional values.

Dr Saurabh Bansal

Founder and Managing Director 

Surgeons House Limited (SHL)

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